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BG Logistics
  Barcelona (Spain)
Longitudinal 8 nº 97
08040 Mercabarna
Tel: +34 93 556 47 84
Fax +34 93 556 47 59
  Tarragona (Spain)
Pol. Ind. Roques Roges II
C/ Llevant 17. Aptado. nº4
43460 Alcover Tarragona
Tel: +34 977 08 06 92
Fax +34 977 08 07 50
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We are a temperature-controlled logistics operator. We manage our clients’ products comprehensively, in accordance with their processes and processing needs, maintaining every item’s traceability and quality at all times. In order to ensure we meet our commitment to provide the best service in terms of traceability, quality and cost-efficiency, we use the most up-to-date technology -- which allows us to work in real time – and a team of logistics management specialists.

We began operating as BG LOGISTICS in 2003, in our Mercabarna, Barcelona facilities, in response to the existing demand for temperature-controlled logistics services. Our path has kept going upwards since, and we are currently at a time of maximum growth which, bolstered by our experience, gives us a confident outlook on the market.

Vision, Mission and Corporate Values
To be a differentiated, client-focused, adaptable and value-generating logistics operator through effective just-in-time inventory management.

To strengthen our intellectual and technological capital continuously to offer innovative solutions adapted to our clients’ needs and concerns.

Participation and Consensus- team work, consensual decision-making and utmost dedication to offering our clients optimum service levels, are some of the qualities that characterise our professionals’ management style.

Drive for Change and Innovation- we are constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of clients, the industry and the market to lead the way in methodology, technology and service.

Quality Management- we strive to make what’s difficult easy, to give processes maximum speed and flexibility, and to promote constant information flow.

Flexibility and Adaptability- service-driven strategy must always prevail over structure. This is why we work closely with our clients to obtain first hand knowledge of their needs, thereby helping them to achieve greater incremental development.

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